Monday, April 22, 2013

I got your Back

Having 3 growing boys means the kitchen is the favorite room in the house.  Keeping "snacks" in the house is a full time job.  I have to get pretty creative with my hiding skills.  You would think the higher the better.  Not so much at my house.  Gage got the bright idea for the brothers to use each other as a stepping stool.  To start with Gage got on all four and told Hutch to climb on top.  When Eric asked what they were doing Hutch launched into a detail description of their goal to reach the Snacks.  Gage screams from below, "Quit talking and get the snacks already."  Hutch was not tall enough but that did not deter my determined 1st born.  They recruited Curtis to the pile.

Eric and I  watched the process fail.  We finally had to leave for school, so my husband easily reached the snacks and handed them to the boys.

Mom Lesson:  How often do we try our best to figure things out our self.  The good Lord is waiting to reach the "snacks" for us, yet we are to prideful and stubborn to ask for his help. 
 Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your own understandings.  In ALL your ways acknowledge him and we will direct your paths.  Proverbs 3:5&6

Friday, April 19, 2013

Stealing 2nd

My Son Hutch is playing his 1st season of Pitching Machine.  
To best describe his love for the Game, let me draw you back to the days of T-ball.  While playing outfield Hutch's favorite thing to do was play in the dirt.  But this was not the "normal" playing in the dirt,  Hutch was digging with his hat while it is still on his head.  Do you get the picture?   Bending at the waist, digging with his hat that is still on his head.  The worst part, I was standing beside him on the field watching the batter.  Well at least one of us was into the game :).

Hutch is one of the youngest on the team, so if he gets a hit, he literally Jumps up and down on first base and gives "winks and thumbs up" to everyone he knows.  Last night Hutch took off running to second for the steal, which was not the plan of his coach (My husband).  He made it safely and actually made a run with the next batters hit.  The game ended and we went to Tasty Freeze for ice cream to celebrate the win.  Coach Larry asked Hutch " Do I need to call the Cops?  You were "stealing" 2nd."  Hutch laughed and answered ""I didn't REALLY steal the base, Cause I didn't take it home"

Mom Lesson:    "Meaningless!  Meaningless!"  says the Teacher.  "Utterly Meaningless!  Everything is meaningless."  Ecclesiastes 1:2 I have spent more time then I care to admit pushing my boys to be perfect.  Yet my favorite memories from baseball have nothing to do with great plays and wins.  I love the moments when they mess up.  Enjoy your children, laugh instead of stressing over crazy moments.